I travel  a lot, and I often find myself with time to kill on airplanes and in airports. I love having that 
chance to get out my Moleskine sketchbook and just a pencil and play with words and letters.

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Sketchbook Page-Airport Doodle

'Fair Shout Mate'
a nod to my British business partner

Sketchbook Page-Airport Doodle

'Layovers to catch meddlers'
as my Grandmother Pearson used to say

'Snapping Fire'

unfinished-graphite on paper

Quote on mastery ofskills from a novel by Iain Pears called 'The Portrait"


Wolf at the Door, Snake in the Grass layout studies

Outlining the letters to define them.



Pablo Neruda poem

Copying an old pointed pen exemplar 
A good way to learn these letterforms


Excerpt from the Pablo Neruda Poem 
'Drunk as Drunk'

'Pinned by the sun between solstice and equinox, drowsy and tangled together, we drifted for months...'


Anticipating a great concert by The Tallest Man on Earth during a long conference call.

A reworking of an exercise in monoline caps that
we did in John Stevens class at Cheerio
'I want you to know one thing' 
by Pablo Neruda


Lyrics from one of my favorite 
Elvis Costello songs.

"You make the motor in me 
flutter and wow"


Working on several ideas at once here, it seems.

Lyrics from a Dan Bern song....
"I would make like a bird and fly your way, but I probably wouldn't have much to say. It wouldn't bother me, I mean, whoop-dee-doo, but my guess is here that it might bother you."


On the way to a meeting with JP Morgan Chase Bank, I suppose.

Doing some studies for lettering on 
porcelain forms.

Part of a poem by Pablo Neruda 
and some lyrics by Colin Meloy of the 

This became an envelope that ended up winning 
Paper and Ink Arts Spring 2013 Envelope Contest.


On the way home from my first Camp Cheerio in Roaring Gap, NC
taught by Julian and Sheila Waters


I've been working on word groups that involve 
references to certain body parts...
eyes, mouths, hands...

For my friend Pam Ward

Waiting for my next flight.