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Be Fearless

A Way of Working Without the Worry

2-4 Day Workshop-All Skill Levels- some calligraphy experience is helpful 

In this class you will develop a series of works of art that combine lettering, painting, drawing, collage, recycled materials, photographic images and transparency layers. Your goal will be to create pages that avoid the obvious, that force the viewer to look closely to see what is buried within. By layering your work/letters, you invite your viewer ‘into’ and not simply ‘across’ the page, a slowing down so to speak, which allows the message to go to a deeper and more meaningful place.

You will work in a small scale in multiples, focusing on the development of a series of work, refining your designs and the integration of words and letters into your pages. Working on several pieces at once allows for more risky exploration and takes away the preciousness and fear we often feel when working on a single piece.

Principles of lettering and design will find new expression through the freedom of working small and with the versatile arrangement of elements possible with these hybrid layering techniques. You will explore how to incorporate the personal into your pieces, and why this is necessary to create work that tells a compelling story.

A Sharp Pencil and a Keen Eye

Graphite Techniques for Calligraphers

1-3 Day Workshop - All Skill Levels-some calligraphy experience is helpful. 

In this class, the humble pencil and its relatives become powerful tools in creating many effects from subtle to stunning. We will use pencils, erasers, graphite sticks/blocks, powdered graphite and their water-soluble cousins to explore the possibilities of this medium for creating refined works of art to quickly made drawings in our sketchbooks.

Starting with basic drawing principles like line quality and shading, we will experiment with each tool to discover the marks it can produce. We will then move on to drawing letters and designing word groups, both formal and casual. The monochromatic drawn letterform forces us to slow down and relate more organically to the forms we are creating. You will find drawing letterforms with care and thoughtfulness to be so helpful in improving your design and lettering skills and in allowing for more refined and subtle attention to detail. 

Further time will let us explore how to integrate our letters with their backgrounds into designs that will grab our viewer’s eye. Finally I’ll show you some of the tricks I’ve learned to save time and ensure success when working with this versatile medium.  


GrayScale –

Exploring graphite lettering from small and delicate to big and bold

2-3-Day Workshop – Intermediate to Advanced Level

Using only the humble pencil and its other graphite cousins allows us to practice ways of creating dynamic layouts even within the limited grayscale palette. By exploring the most striking of contrasts – scale – we will challenge ourselves to create powerful layouts focused on the relationship between large and small design elements.

Beginning with a series of exercises we will study a range of pencil lettering techniques, from formal drawn Roman capitals to a variety of more modern and casual hands. We’ll then explore some non-traditional graphite techniques that allow for bold, large scale lettering designs. Finally, we’ll combine these two elements in a variety of layout and design exercises that will lead us to the creation of works that reflect both the delicate beauty and dynamic contrasts possible within the graphite family.


Calligraphy on Clay
4-5 Day Workshop - All Skill Levels

Despite a rich history, the art of lettering on clay is seldom practiced in the modern calligraphy world. 

This class will include a brief introduction in hand-building methods in clay to create suitable surfaces for your lettering. Using a variety of tools, including brushes and pens, we will explore different methods of designing and lettering on two-dimensional and three dimensional clay surfaces. You will learn about different ceramic materials, including clay, under-glazes and glazes, and the process of electric kiln firing to make your pieces a permanent keepsake of your workshop experience.

No previous clay experience is required.

This class requires special facilities- please email to discuss if you are interested. 


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