Calligraphy Practice

To be skilled in any art requires hours of along with my more creative art works,
I also dedicate a significant number of hours to disciplined practice of different letter styles.
It develops my hand, and my eye, and honestly, I just love this time I make to sit and write.

Below are some of my practice pages. They are not finished pieces so please pardon the misspellings, the drips and the ugly bits.

Click on any image below to see it in more detail...

Handwritten letter to a new friend

Practice page of 
pen written foundational
Gouache on 
Strathmore Charcoal paper

Practice Page of
Foundational written with
a1/2" flat brush

Ruling Pen Roman Cap practice

Acrylic inks and my Tim's pen

 Trajan Caps Practice Sheet

written with a 1/4" flat brush

Ruling Pen Caps Practice
Pen-White on Strathmore Gray Paper

words by Ron Whitehead


Flat Brush Roman Caps


Flat Brush Block Caps

Flat Brush Roman Cap W


Pen caps with 
FineTech gold watercolors


Pen caps and italic in gouache


Pen caps and 
Blackletter with
FineTec gold watercolor
on chocolate Murano paper

Text caps practice

Text caps practice


Text caps and 
italic practice

Brainstorming for my
Christmas card design


More text caps practice

More text caps and 
italic practice

Differing weights of text caps

More and more text caps practice

More text caps and 
italic practice...its all about more.


Brush caps of different kinds...


Casual pen caps

Brush blackletter

Italic practice


Casual pen caps

More brush Trajans

Folded pen practice

Pointed brush practice


More folded pen practice